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About Scott

Scott Metzler loves to share his passion for leadership with emerging leaders, established organizations, and everyone in between.  With a wide-ranging background in public administration, literature and philosophy, leading successful change initiatives, and a 30-year career in emergency services, Scott’s gift is to bring deep understanding and an interdisciplinary approach to our toughest challenges.

Scott is a high-energy presenter and guide, using humor, empathy, and deep insight as he shares hard-won leadership lessons honed during high-stress emergency incidents, firehouse misadventures, and his personal and professional journey of leading organizational change in high-stakes environments.

When he’s not fly fishing the mountain streams of Northern Colorado, Scott finds joy in helping people develop new approaches to leadership through wayfinding, sense-making, and discovery, and by unlocking the power of relationships.

Scott Metzler

“Over the past decade, I have observed Scott partner with leaders from various industries on challenges related to organizational culture, implementing effective and lasting change, and cultivating leadership strategies that value both outcomes and individuals. His desire to ‘first seek to understand, then to be understood’ guides every interaction, and he effectively engages both large conference audiences and smaller workshop conversations. Personable, experienced, multi-dimensional, and considered, Scott is a valuable asset to any organization.”

Allison J. McFarland, Ph.D., MBA
Higher Education Professor, Speaker


“Scott’s presentations were tailored for the audience; his information on intergenerational leadership was timely, relevant, and up-to-date. His sessions were refreshing, and he was able to answer real-world questions from current leaders. Scott helped us to be more open to others’ ideas.”

David Adams
Vice President
Kansas Emergency Medical Services Association


“Scott is a fantastic speaker with an innate ability to connect and engage his audience at a personal level. His extensive experience, knowledge, and participatory speaking style encourages dialogue, enables learning, and facilitates participants to grow professionally and personally.”

Steve Roberson, EFO, MBA
Fire/EMS Chief
Newton Fire/EMS


“Scott did an amazing job! Through his own experiences and his advanced training he was able to speak to our employees in a way that resonated with everyone in the room and across our employee groups. Scott helped us understand the changing expectations and workplace requirements of 5 generations now working side by side, and did so in a way that was positive and motivational. I would (and have) recommend Scott for any organization!”

Elizabeth Ward
HR Director
Riley County Government


“Great interactive process! Addressed those real-life issues that were brought forward. Promoted thoughtful dialogue and prompted critical thinking with my own leadership.” 

Healthcare Leadership Participant


“As a first time manager, I found this course extremely helpful. It was encouraging and enlightening to learn about the generations in the workplace today, and to have stereotypes, especially about my own generation, broken down.
I value the information I learned from Scott. I know it is something that I will take with me for the rest of my life, in and out of the workplace. I highly encourage anyone to take this class that finds themselves in a place of leadership (which is almost everyone).”

Hannah Gaeddert
Food Services Manager & Event Coordinator
Prairie Market and Deli