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Scott Metzler

A passionate storyteller and a lifelong learner, Scott challenges the narrative of heroic leadership with humility, empathy, humor, and love as he helps emerging leaders and established organizations practice human-centered leadership and develop their own pursuits of excellence.

Scott Metzler

Leading Change: Welcome to the Jungle

During the best of times, leadership can be messy, confusing, and disappointing. In the midst of organizational change, well . . . it can be a jungle out there. Managing the technical processes of change is important, but human-centered leadership is often the most important element of a successful change initiative. If you’re walking through the jungle, it pays to have an effective guide!

In this fast-paced session, we’ll examine eight timeless leadership truths as they apply to change management, explore how organizational change affects team dynamics (and vice versa), and take a high-level look at an adaptive change model.

Leading the Multigenerational Workforce

With workforce trends seeming to shift by the day, managers and leaders often struggle to recognize the competing values, preferences, and needs of what is shaping up to be the most unique and diverse talent pool in recent memory.  

As retiring Baby Boomers are replaced by members of the Millennial and iGen cohorts, it is increasingly important for leaders to understand how to recruit, retain, and help develop young workers, while at the same time addressing the needs of their seasoned members and tenured leaders.  

This session presents emerging research on generational similarities and differences, how the most recent generations approach the workplace differently than past generations, and proven strategies to help leaders of a multigenerational workforce leverage the gifts, talents, and abilities of their youngest members.

Scott Metzler
Scott Metzler

High-Potential Employees: The Care and Feeding of your All-Star Team

Critical to a well-managed talent pipeline, high-potential employees are those up-and-coming members of your team with the ability, aspiration, and engagement to succeed in the most challenging situations, and more importantly, to bring their colleagues along with them.  

Because of their unique characteristics, keeping high-potential employees engaged is both critically important and challenging.  These emerging leaders can easily become disillusioned by poor leadership and lack of opportunities for growth – and they can easily find employment somewhere else!  

This session presents leadership strategies to help identify, engage, mentor, and retain young high-potential team members, and propel them – and your organization – to success

Up-Front Leadership

Leadership in the 21st century is more confusing, complex, and rapidly changing than at any time in history. Now, more than ever, leaders must develop high-performance teams and help emerging leaders build the skills and capacity to capitalize on current opportunities, anticipate future challenges, and lead people to success.

This six-session workshop series explores leadership approaches to adaptive challenges and wicked problems, strategies for building trust and managing conflict, developing a healthy culture, and much more.

Scott Metzler

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“Scott’s knowledge of the subject matter and smooth delivery make his leadership training outstanding. The quality of the content is excellent with a nice balance of theory and practice. It is interactive, engaging, and applicable to many life situations.”

Des Martens
President & CEO
Mirror, Inc. 


“Scott is a highly engaging public speaker, trainer, consultant, and mentor.  He presents with legitimate authority borne of decades of experience and in a manner that compels his audience to become more, to learn, to build, and to improve.  His highly approachable manner ensures the highest possible audience engagement.”

M. John Dudte, MPA
City Manager
Port Richey, FL


“I can’t say enough great things about Scott and his ability to present!  He recently presented to our EMS service and the results were outstanding.  He challenged and educated us on a team and personal level, which has made us better.”

Frank Williams
Butler County (KS) EMS


“Scott is a captivating speaker whose hard-won insights challenge what we think we know about leadership. With a style that’s both personable and thought-provoking, Scott makes a case for a new way to guide teams and organizations that deliver on their objectives while cultivating trust, professional development, and commitment.”

Jill Patton
Health Journalist
Functional Medicine Health Coach


“Scott recently presented a session on leadership and change management during a statewide conference. The session was both informative and engaging, applying leadership principles to real-life examples. His communication style is personable and relatable, and his use of storytelling to bring leadership and change management principles to life is both relevant and motivational.”

Michelle Ponce
Associate Director
Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas


“Scott came to our hospital and did a ½ day session on leadership. He connected with our managers and directors sharing a number of leadership lessons and concepts that have practical application for the healthcare setting.“

Christopher Harris, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Cibola General Hospital


“It was an incredible journey through the broad spectrum of leadership styles, types of people, and how they interact.  The content of the class felt very relevant and up-to-date!”

Community Leadership Class Participant